Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair Services

Keeping your air conditioner clean is vital if you want it to energy efficient. The outdoor unit requires yearly attention, this includes (1) Washing the grill surface to keep it free from debris, (2) checking the refrigerant levels for proper charge. (3) Checking the compressor, contactor, capacitor and fan. (4) Filter change is also very important.

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Heating with a Furnace Maintenance & Repair Services

The majority of Furnaces today use gas for the fuel source, whether it is propane or natural a proper maintenance Schedule is necessary. This check-up ensures that your appliance is burning as clean as possible. Carbon monoxide is a product of an improper burning appliance. This poisonous gas can enter your home through other areas of the home and create a dangerous situation. Your technicians care to do a proper combustion analysis is a vital part of the Check-up procedure and homeowner safety.

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Heating with a Boiler Maintenance & Repair Services

Using a boiler to heat your home is not as popular as a forced air system, however it requires the same maintenance as a forced air system. It too used gas or oil to heat the water being circulated through the pipes. This also requires attention as to the combustion cycle burning cleanly.

It also requires the heat exchanger to be cleaned regularly so as to allow proper exchange of heat to the water circuit. If it is a cast iron boiler this will require the passages to cleaned with a brush to remove any combustion buildup on the castings. Even many high efficiency 90+ boilers need yearly maintenance to keep it combustion passage free of buildup.

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Proper Sized Equipment

Many years ago energy was cheap and the feeling was “bigger is better”, this philosophy in many homes has created uncomfortable hot and cool periods during the heating and cooling seasons. During operation with over sized equipment it has short run times creating uneven temperatures in the home making it feel hot then cold or vise versa.

This has also created an increase of energy in the amount of fuel used and electricity to turn it on and off more often than needed.

A properly sized unit will have longer run cycles allowing conditioned air to be more evenly distributed through out the home before shutting down. This longer run cycle will also make it less hot/cold between cycle times.

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